They are smooth as well as uneven, soft as well as hard, simple as well as exuberant. In her sculptural and installative works Daniela Trinkl uses both natural as well as artificial materials, whereby the plastic polyurethane foam plays a central role. The objects create an uncertainty as to whether they are organically grown or highly technically produced. Their hybrid appearance opens up a visual language between artificial and alive, alluring and bizarre. Thus they become ambassadors of an unknown science fiction world.

The starting point of these works is the exploration of human´s creative and inventive striving. Trinkl´s focus lies on the question of a synthetic existence, which she explores both critically and humorously.

The artist is interested in the idea of the artificial creation of life and its controllability. The associated dystopian potential manifests itself in her sculptures behind their highly aestheticized look. In this sense, Trinkl´s work adresses ecological, technological, biological as well as mystical and mythological contexts.


After graduating from the College of Object Design in 2011, Trinkl studied art history at the University of Vienna, where she graduated in 2016 (BA). She is currently completing an MA at the University of Art and Design in Linz at the Department of Plastic Conceptions with Prof. Frank Louis. The artist has shown her work in several national and international exhibitions. Her latest projects include Parallel Vienna (2022, Artist Statement), Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden (2022) and House of losing control/Vienna Art Week (2021). Trinkl´s works are in both private and public collections such as the Dr. Hans Hoch Foundation in Neumünster/D. The artist has received various work and travel grants, including a travel grant from the Federal Chancellery of Austria. She has also been selected to participate in several artist-in-residence programmes, such as the KUNSTsammlung des Landes OÖ at Salzamt Linz as well as the renowned PILOTENKUECHE in Leipzig. Trinkl has participated in artist talks, such as Talk at the Kunstquartier Alte Handelsschule Leipzig, and was invited to speak about her work at Freies Radio Neumünster, where she did one of her residencies.