Artist Statement

In my work I address themes of the non-attributable, the enigmatic, and the intangible. Based on a fascination for objects that do not allow definitive attributions in terms of their purpose or function, I develop my sculptural works.

In my artistic practice I work with intuitively perceived visions of bodies or objects. On a visual level, they transform into abstract forms that evade designation or categorization and create a tension between the known and unknown as well as the familiar and unfamiliar. I am interested in what lies in the subtle space in between.

Future issues related to modern technologies, post-humanism but also ideas from pop culture such as science fiction or concepts from religion and mysticism play an important role as a source of inspiration.

In my artistic practice I put a focus on ceramic materials such as stoneware and porcelain. These correspond through their ability for transformation to my approach and contrast with their sensuality with the abstract content in my works.