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The Pignette


Series, 2016 - 2018

Ceramics (stoneware)


The Pignette seems to be animated matter, the tangible reality of an experience. Daniela Trinkl is inspired by chance finds, mostly technical devices, which tend to draw her focus as marginal phenomena in an urban, restless information field. It is not the conceptuality or functionality of the object that is the source for the artwork, but the thing discovered becomes the trigger for a vivid, momentary experience.

The 'animistic principle' to understand the objects is also determined by the material Daniela Trinkl works with: stoneware. As in an alchemical process, perception is transferred to the material and (re)formed, and thereby transformed. The artist immerses herself in the soft clay, works with her hands, she shapes and forms spaces, visible and hidden ones. The movements of her own body are transferred to the material being worked with, while the artist follows the inherent laws of the material. In doing so, she enters into an interrelationship with the intuitively emerging object, the subject and the object merge.

See text in German Im Unbekannten liegt das Potenzial des Fühlens by Maris Stella Liska

The Pignette, extended


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