The Pignette


Series, 2016 - 2018

Ceramics (stoneware)


The ceramic (wall) objects from the series The Pignette appear partly organic and flowing, partly technical and constructive. The Pignette hangs flat on walls, bends around wall projections or crawls down furniture. Its appearance meanders between an interplay of curvatures and elongations, elongated alternates with bulbous, round with straight. Is it a remnant of construction work, a biological something or is it the three-dimensional realisation of an emotion, a condition?


The clear linear imagery draws dynamic forms, flowing, yet persisting, striving to continue, and at the same time restrained, fragile, yet determined. The material has presence, it is solid and hard and intended for eternity. Together with the clarity of the forms, it stands in contradiction to the content, yet the object does not want to declare itself clearly, does not want to give a definition of itself in relation to the things that already exist in the world. In a changeable, modifiable form, the pignette arranges itself in groups, forms patterns, appears individually as a statement, has a symbolic or referencing character.

See text in German Im Unbekannten liegt das Potenzial des Fühlens by Maris Stella Liska