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Aquatic Alteration


Polyurethane foam, hard plastic


Exhibition view

Interbreeding, 2023

Solo exhibition

Red Carpet Showroom Altes Landgut

In the exhibition Interbreeding, Daniela Trinkl deals with the emergence of new hybrid life forms through the influence of plastic on biological life. The starting point of this work is the confrontation with the creative striving of man. Trinkl's focus is on the question of a synthetic existence, which she examines both critically and humorously. The artist deals with the idea of the artificial creation of life and its controllability.


In genetics, the term interbreeding describes the reproduction of two genetically different plant or animal species. Trinkl is interested in thinking further about this process on a fictional level. What happens when biological material intersects with synthetic matter?

The objects shown in the exhibition create uncertainty as to whether they are organic or highly technical. Their hybrid appearance opens up a design language between artificial and lively, seductive and bizarre. In this way they become ambassadors of an unknown science fiction world.

Interbreeding was discussed in the broadcast series Leporello on Ö1 on January 26 2023.

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Genetic Blossom


Adapt or Perish!


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