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In between

Installation, 2021

Gegnerhaus Attersee

Gegnerhaus is a former inn in Attersee that has been hosting permanent exhibitions on over 600m2 since 2020. The initiator of the project is Thomas Gegner, who invites artists from Upper Austria or with a connection to the region to exhibit in the various rooms of the house.

In between was developed in 2019 by Daniela Trinkl during her 3 month residency at Pilotenkueche in Leipzig and now had the opportunity to be shown one more time. In the Gegnerhaus In between was displayed in the old vaulted cellar. In this context, In between takes on the quality of a laboratory of unknown origin and purpose.

In between, installation, 2019.

Porcelain, silicone, masking tape, wood, LED lamps

~ 120 x 70 cm

Installation, 2019

Kunstquartier Alte Handelsschule


Curated by Patricia Brien

In her installation In between Daniela Trinkl reflects on the possibility of an existence of death and life in one state of being. She asks the question whether these are two qualities that we carry parallel to each other within us and whether it is a question of perspective which form of being we are currently taking.


In this context, Trinkl imagines another dimension, what she calls a fifth dimension, from which the objects in the boxes come to her. For Trinkl, the boxes provide a glimpse into this dimension, which for her encompasses both states of being at the same time.

In this sense, In between is funeral and birth at the same time, it's a medical laboratory, relic and urn as well as womb and anima.

In between, installation, 2019.

Porcelain, silicone, masking tape, wood, cloth, LED lamps

120 x 175 cm



The animated us


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