In between

Installation, 2019

Kunstquartier Alte Handelsschule


In her installation In between Daniela Trinkl reflects on the possibility of death and life being united in one state of being. Are they two simultaneous qualities that we carry within us? Is it just a question of perspective or point of view which form of being we are currently taking?

The artist asks whether these objects realized in the material porcelain come to her from another, a fifth dimension. Is this a dimension that encompasses both qualities at the same time? And do these three boxes offer a view into it?

In this sense, In between is funeral and birth at the same time, it's a medical laboratory, relic and urn as well as womb and anima.

In between, installation, 2019.

Porcelain, silicone, masking tape, wood, cloth, LED lamps

120 x 175 cm