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Installation, 2019


Liminal shows three plinths hanging from the ceiling, covered with black cloths, on each of which lies an open, flat box. Inside the boxes are organic-looking objects modelled in porcelain and surrounded by reddish-orange shiny silicone. The silicone is illuminated from below and thus appears like a kind of liquid nutrient solution.

The work reflects Daniela Trinkl´s felt impression of something new in the making. What will emerge can be sensed somewhere between the physical, spiritual and emotional body, but can not be grasped yet. Instead, we see the stage of being on the threshold, a memory from the future.

Installation, 2019

Porcelain, silicone, masking tape, black cloth, cardboard, LED lamps, nylon threads.

Measurements objects | plinths

Object 1 11 x 13,5 cm | 33 x 40 x 51 cm

Object 2 13,5 x 15 cm | 39 x 44 x 52 cm

Object 3 13 x 19,5 cm | 39 x 56 x 66 cm



In between


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