Studio Daniela Trinkl

Kreuzgasse 33/3

1180 Wien

Sa, 20/02/2021 10-19:00

Sa, 27/02/2021 10-19:00

Covid-safe space

Due to the current Covid regulations only one visitor can be allowed in the studio space at a time.

Please make an appointment within the time given  per email, whatsapp, SMS or via fb/instagram +43 69910408424

Wear a ffp2 mask and keep a 2m distance

Young Art Auction

My work -The Pignette, extended, O3- will be auctioned at the Young Art Auction You can place your bids at lot 39 until Nov 12th online.

->   Nr. 39

The Pignette, extended, O3 shows an abstract ceramic relief mounted on a white honeycomb cardboard (113x100cm). Its single parts are combined with small pieces of rubber.

Have a look at the text "Im Unbekannten liegt das Potential des Fühlens" by Maris Stella Liska



5 Fragen an KünstlerInnen zur Gegenwart

Interview und Fotos Walter Pobaschnig,



Presentation of current works



22/06/2020 - 28/06/2020

Due to Corona the annual Rundgang of the Kunstuni Linz takes place online on the Instagram channel of the Department of Sculptural Conceptions.



Jahresausstellung "Ceramic Artist Exchange Tandem"

The annual exhibition of the Künstlerhaus Neumünster shows works from international artists, who worked as artists in residence in 2019 for a month each at the Künstlerhaus.

Works shown: Daniela Trinkl (Österreich) | Lotte Schlör (Deutschland) | Karima Duchamp (Frankreich) | Sun Ae Kim (Südkorea) | Joon Hee Kim (Kanada) | Pinar Baklan (Türkei) | Badaruddin Reyaz (Indien) |
Sukhdev Rathod (Indien) | Verónica Anahí Córdoba (Argentinien)

Opening: 21/02/2020 um 19 Uhr 


Duration of the exhibition: bis 29/02/2020

Künstlerhaus Neumünster


824534 Neumünster

Sa 14/12/2019 7pm



Group show / Artists in Residence 

Pilotenküche // Round 41


Franz-Fleming-Straße 9


"From nonmatter emerges poetic spaces of nothingness. This spatial emptiness

waxes dark mass and a new spiritual gestation. A coded dialogue is written in the

deep seams of carbon, bearing the deconstruction of material and nonlinear

points of multiplicity. Sharp angles mutate into gentle recesses, energised with the

properties of light and the intimacy of a dream.

The pleasure in the surge of viscosity, and the illusion of vulnerability creates a

space between people, an assemblage which orientates the human to positive

kinetic chaos."

Patricia Brien, Curator

Fri 15/11/2019 7pm



Group show / Artists in Residence 

Pilotenküche // Round 41

Alte Handelsschule / Kunstquartier Leipzig

Gießerstraße 75 

"This exhibition represents the accumulation of ever-accelerating rhythms in the altermodern world and the momentum of regeneration. A spiralling ascension of energy followed by the shedding of skin and matter, folding backwards into grey foundations of urban displacement. There is a convergence of ancient forests and radiant future seed particles, mapping migratory paths through time and space. The body is but a site of irrational experience which confronts the machines of carbon-heavy Modernity.

A Kali-destructive rampage of nihilism anticipates the coming still; hyper-sensitising rituals,

filament tensions and porous-smooth materiality of the posthuman condition. This is an
emerging non-state where the more-than-human world metamorphoses in perpetuum into a
new corporeal becoming. The uncontaminated hierarchs falter and drop from the sky."

Patricia Brien, Curator

26 - 27/10/2019 14:00 - 21:00 Uhr


Artists in Residence / Round 41





14:00 - 21:00 open studio

16:00 - 18:30 BYOP potluck Buffet

19:30 Performance Izabela Kałduńska


14:00 - 21:00 open studio 

PILOTENKUECHE // international art program

Franz-Fleming-Straße 9

2nd floor

D-04179 Leipzig

10-12/2019 Artist in Residence



PILOTENKUECHE // international art program

Franz-Fleming-Straße 9

2nd floor

D-04179 Leipzig

27/06/2019 6pm - open end

Open Studio

Artists in Residence

Daniela Trinkl und Judith Grassl

Atelierhaus Salzamt

Obere Donaulände 15

4020 Linz

06/2019 Artist in Residence

Salzamt Linz, OÖ

Atelierhaus Salzamt

Obere Donaulände 15

4020 Linz

29/03/2019 6pm

Final exhibition Ceramic Artist Exchange - Tandem

Artist Residency Künstlerhaus Neumünster

Presentation of the work "The animated us"

Curator: Danijela Pivasevic-Tenner

Künstlerhaus Neumünster 

Fürsthof 8

24534 Neumünster (D)


"Artist in Radio"

Freies Radio Neumünster

"Die Künstlerinnen Lotte Schlör aus Halle (Saale) und Daniela Trinkl aus Wien waren bei Danijela im Studio zu Gast. Sie sind gerade das “Ceramic Artists Exchange – Tandem” im Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster und werden ihre hier entstandenen Werke am 29. März 2019 um 18 Uhr vorstellen."


03/2019 Artist in Residence

Künstlerhaus Neumünster (D)

Ceramic Artist Exchange - Tandem

Auszug aus Website:

"Die Stadttöpferei Neumünster ist ein Künstlerhaus in Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein, das seit 1987 Arbeits- und Aufenthaltsstipendien ausschließlich für herausragende Absolventen aus dem Bereich Künstlerische Keramik vergibt und in dieser Form einzigartig in Deutschland ist." 

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