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Opening boxes

Series, 2019

Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz

Exhibition view

Opening Boxes - With these two words, Daniela Trinkl provides both the title for her series of works and the description of an action that is currently taking place. Boxes are opened. A universe of possibilities and thoughts about this image opens. Unfamiliar and uncategorizable, Opening Boxes create portioned uncertainties.
The box objects give the impression of presenting container sizes of a potentially much larger population of unknown origin. The supposed offshoot in front of us thus raises questions: Will it expand? What are these unsettling things up to? Are they greedy for expansion, for flooding the space beyond the narrow box once it is open?
After all, the motif of curiously opening unfamiliar containers is already known from mythology. Pandora's box, for example, contains no less than all the evils of the world. Irrevocable, final. People are curious, it seems an almost impossible thing to keep boxes closed. Opening Boxes count on this curiosity.

See also Text Opening Boxes. Vom Öffnen von Schachteln und uns selbst 

(in German) by Katja Schöwel

Opening boxes

Series 2019

8 boxes

Cardboard boxes, acrylic colours, air cushion, shredded cardboard, masking tape, adhesive tape, hard foam, honeycomb cardboard panels





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