Opening boxes

Series, 2019

Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz

Exhibition view

Based on an affinity for the materiality and haptics of packaging materials, Daniela Trinkl collected a wide variety of packaging materials over a period of months for her residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz. Boxes in different formats, air cushions, shredded cardboard, packaging chips, which she supplemented with purchased materials such as masking tape or adhesive tape and rigid foam.

Starting from the idea of a box with contents being delivered to one's home, which one opens and whose contents seem familiar on the one hand, but unfamiliar on the other, the artist developed a series of box objects in the course of her residency.

Each box contains a different series of small, abstract objects that - according to the artist's imagination - reveal their secrets in the interaction with the new owner of the box. Based on the idea of animism, the relationship between the artwork and the recipient of the boxes plays an essential role in this work. The objects in the boxes need a connection to the viewer in order to develop. A imaginative play with empathy, functionality and purposelessness.

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by Katja Schöwel

Opening boxes

Series 2019

8 boxes

Cardboard boxes, acrylic colours, air cushion, shredded cardboard, masking tape, adhesive tape, hard foam, honeycomb cardboard panels