Opening Boxes

Series, 2019

packaging materials

For the series Opening Boxes packaging materials were collected over months, based on an affinity for their materiality and haptics. Boxes in various formats, air cushions, shredded cardboard, packaging chips, supplemented with purchased materials such as masking or adhesive tapes.


Based on the idea of ​​having a box of contents delivered home that one opens or cuts open and whose content seems familiar on the one hand but unfamiliar on the other hand, a series of box objects was developed. Each box contains different, serially made, small, abstract objects, which reveal their secret in interaction with the viewer. Building on the idea of animism, the relationship between the artwork and the viewer plays a crucial role in this work. The objects in the boxes need a connection with the viewer in order to develop. A play with functionality, imagination and uselessness.

See also Text Opening Boxes. Vom Öffnen von Schachteln und uns selbst by Katja Schöwel