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Installation, 2020

Project room Kreuzgasse, Vienna


Fascinated by objects whose purpose and function are not immediately apparent, Daniela Trinkl develops her sculptural works. By wrapping the material, an intransparent layer is created that envelops and hides the inner life of the objects. The core of the objects is not visible and cannot be identified easily: it remains unfamiliar. From this perspective, the proximity of the temporal and material aspects of the work emerges: they refer to an invisible, inaccessible, and obscure interior. 

Relics present themselves as objects for a cryptic moment. As remnants of a past or future world as well as in their materiality, the objects open up on the one hand in their archaeological distance and on the other hand in their material proximity to the present, an approach to the questions of what has been or what will have been in this here and now.

Text excerpt from the text Relics - Wie aus einer anderen Welt (in German) by Paula Marschalek



29 Objects

Masking tape, adhesive tape, bin liners,

building foam, binding thread, polyurethane foam, nails, wall foil

Size installation 130 x 170 cm

Size objects up to 15 x 30 cm



Opening boxes


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