Installation, 2020/21

Projektraum Kreuzgasse, Wien


„When I started working with packaging materials, I found the act of wrapping intriguing. While wrapping and playing with the material, different forms appeared opening up associations with organic, vegetal and erotic themes. Almost all my objects are wrapped in one or another way. I love to think that they come from an unknown culture, from a parallel world having materialized themselves into my hands. I love to think that they are ritual objects having been used in some devotional cults. And I love the high abstraction they carry, the artificiality that enhances their symbolic character. And I love the material they are made of questioning reality versus fiction.“

Daniela Trinkl



29 Objects

Masking tape, adhesive tape, bin liners,

building foam, binding thread, hard foam, nails, wall foil

Size installation 130 x 170 cm

Size objects up to 15 x 30 cm